Consultancy Process

Jayesh Agrawal
QMS Consultants
103, Labbaiq Regency,
4/2 Old Palasia
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Process Flow Chart
Gap Analysis


Availability v/s Standard requirement

Infrastructure Building

 Building and supporting services

Infrastructure Equipment

Equipment, Accuracy,


Document and management systems

Procedure & Records

Standard operating procedure (SOP’s) and records


Education & Skills

Information Collection
Information are:
Present way of working.
Present way of recording.
Way of doing thing.
Maintenance of infrastructure.
Behavior of staff.
Information flow.


  • Our team of experts based on the information collected during gap analysis.
  • Prepares the complete documents.
  • Prepare SOP�s & draft the records.
  • The discussions Held with organization for appropriateness.

  • The training schedule is planned on the basic of identified needs.
  • Documentation, SOP�s.
  • The identified needs are based on the different needs of different level of employees.
For example :-
  • Consultants require documents verification
  • Nursing staff require Documentation training.
  • Old worker may require work training.
  • Supporting staff are trained for related activities.
  • Technical staff is trained for there activities.

Our Commitments

System requirement shall be defined as per the requirement of Organization.

We shall provide training to all employees regarding Standard requirement & manual before implementations. We shall develop complete system, manual & implementations schedule.

We shall provide training to all employees regarding ISO- requirement & manual before implementations.

We shall arrange I.A. training for one employee of each Section / process.

Conduct the internal Audit and close all CAR�s.

Prepare and help in data analysis.

Conduct Management Review Meeting.

Will provide all display materials, like Quality Policy & Work Instructions. (A-4, Sheet Only)

Prepare organization for I.A./Assessment

Help in closing all CAR�s